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Archeage guild on (EU) Nui server - Haranya Faction. Guild Name - 'Conspiracy Theory'. We aim to be fun, to be active and to play efficiently.

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11/12/2014 Activities

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1 11/12/2014 Activities on Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:44 pm


1. 5 Gilda Star run
(Estimated time 30-40 mins)

2. Palace Cellar (Mahadevi) Lvl18-25+ Group (3 members)
(Estimated time 15-30 minutes)

3. Hadir farm (Ynystere) or Burnt Castle (Hellswamp) Lvl 31-39+ (5 Members)
(Estimated time 15-40 minutes each)

4. Trade run From Windscour to Villanella (Using cart & airship)
(Estimated time 40 minutes)

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