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Archeage guild on (EU) Nui server - Haranya Faction. Guild Name - 'Conspiracy Theory'. We aim to be fun, to be active and to play efficiently.

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Important update - Your guild organiser is quite busy for a while, but will still be playing, the below also aplies to Liano

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I will try play as much as i can : ) maybe 1 or more hours daily if i am lucky. Still not sure what liano plans to do.

I am still following my gearing up plan, so will be working to get 300-500g a week to gear up once a week, which is going well : )

Liano and me have been thinking about starting a game studio for a while and because of this me the guid leader will not be able to play as much as we would like (I am not quitting the game).

All the things i usually do will carry on and my farm will be open to people to use. You can also find me on TS3 at my usual 8pm UK time.

The guild will kept up and running and TS3 server will run as usual.

Liano and Godly are going have to do a lot of studying into how businesses are run for the next year, come up with business plans and get better at what we do so that we shining above the rest in our university year.

This is so that we can get backing from the university when we go back to education after we finish our final year.

We have been thinking this for a while and have only just got a person interested in investing in our business. But we need to come up with a really good pitch and how the business will be run.

If you need tings done by us due to our crafts then please post on the guild page to let us know and we will gladly help.

I will be able to play occasionally during the week when I have free time when i am not working or honing my skills or researching how businesses are run.

I would really like this guild to continue as I have spent a lot of time and effort getting this guild running and making new friends with all of you : ) Only difference from now is it will be difficult to play a much which is a real pain as i really enjoy this game.

Please continue as normal, I will be in TS3 chat too daily to catch up with you guys and to chat to leaders while i am working or just playing the game when I get the chance : ) and to find out latest information on archeage. I will occasionally put updates on information i may come across that may be useful for the guild.

Have a wicked time with the game and I am sorry that this seems so sudden.

I will be running my character AFK most the time to build lp to use for you guys and for when i want to play when i have time.

When I am not on (which wont happen much) it will mean i am having to use my laptop to do some hardcore 3d art including particle effects and other things to do with lighting and rendering techniques. etc which means I wont be able to run it in the background of my computer.

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Godly, Liano I hope the best of luck for the both of you in your work and studies.. I'm sorry I wasn't on for a few days now, My Pc suddenly stopped working. So as soon as I'm back.. I'll continue what I started.. helping as always with Guild Runs, carrying on the Gearing plan, helping low levels with getting good gears from dungeons and so on with anything else Smile

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