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Archeage guild on (EU) Nui server - Haranya Faction. Guild Name - 'Conspiracy Theory'. We aim to be fun, to be active and to play efficiently.

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13/02/2015 - Update to guild dailies (updating all forum sections for next couple of weeks)

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Dungeon runs for different levels of players to help them gain nice gear and titles, plus Gilda stars for players who do not need gear:

1. If a patron please try to craft at least 500+ labour points a day into craft trees if possible.
(I currently do 1k+ a day, it also levels you and your skill trees really fast).

2. Current Dungeons to be done on request or on spur of the moment:
- Palace Cellar Dungeon, Mahadevi lvl 18+
- Hadir Farm, Burnt Castle lvl 30+

- GHA lvl50+ Current Guild Tacticians you may need in your team for success:
Godly (Buffs/minor heals or CC/DPS)
Nicco (Ranged DPS)
Liano (Healer or Ranged DPS)
Meika (Healer/Buffs or Healer / magic DPS)
Ned (Tank/DPS)
Pascal (Ranged DPS)
Rumi (Ranged DPS)
Labi (Healer/ magic DPS)
TS3 (Communication and teamwork, don't try to be a one man army as it makes the run slower)

3. Trade runs.
Godly holds trade runs from Rookbourne to falcorth mon-fri between 8pm - 9pm UK time. (Will need dropback or teleport for this, best if you have a donkey/cart+) 8-9g per pack.
Nicco & Rumiho Hold trade runs from Hasla to Ynystere / Freedlich (This is currently not a daily activity) Gilda stars / 19g+ per pack.

4. Rookbourne farming 9.30pm daily:
Good for easy levelling a level 30-40 player if in the raid close by while farming (You will gain a lot of exp). Aim is to get lots of jesters Coinpurses.
When farming you will need 1 pvp build type to every 2-3 farming type builds to keep a look out for reds and pk'ers.

Team PVP Practice will be done against reds doing it through teamwork to try and combo with each other and trying to avoid mucking up each others combo's. Pick a fighting partner who you can combo with, then learn his moves and how best to fight alongside each other, so no soloing is allowed unless unavoidable. (Try to aim for players more geared than you and who are not farming mobs).

Solo PVP practice will also be held in... (Will be updated tonight).

5. Hasla Farming for weapons (Replace rookbourne farming with this when Hasla at peace) It is done on the spur of the moment.

6. World boss catching, give Rumiho the materials if you wish to have nets. (Not done daily yet)

7. Ynystere rifts
Collect honor to get mount and siege weapons.

*For requests please post it as a different post on here and put title:
*(must leave at least 1-2 days for request to be done due to other requests in case it requires quite a few members to help with it)

*Please do not add anymore members until we have 30 helpful level 50 members please, to help lower levels in the guild.
The adding of players does not apply to the players merging from the other guild with ours currently, friends and family are welcome too, but only if you know you will play with them so they don't get left out of the guild fun. Remember to keep helping out lower levels too, to make the game more enjoyable, plus it is quite fun Smile

Please keep in mind there are only currently around 10 leaders in the guild and will be looking to add more suitable members to become leaders.

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Guild goal, take over Calm lands area in Auroria with farms ready for patch 1.7 (Buy out other farmers (need a minimum of 300g each probably to buy them out) and eventually wage war to take over the area and make our guilds headquarters with a castle.
Please can leaders start making Gilda stars to buy farms for there if you do not have a farm already please. This is optional, but will make crafting a lot easier in patch 1.7.

Calm lands has easy mineral water access and has the burning forest for flame logs next to the housing zone too.

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Can higher levels/Leaders please help the lower levels to get to lvl50 faster please : )

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