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Archeage guild on (EU) Nui server - Haranya Faction. Guild Name - 'Conspiracy Theory'. We aim to be fun, to be active and to play efficiently.

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1 Guild Guide on Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:55 pm


What is our guild all about?

A few things:

Our guild contains many Activities and only 1 passive rule, everything is optional to do of course in this guild.
The activities and the 1 rule which will be explained are here to benefit members and to promote fun interactive gameplay for all levels.

We aim for efficient gameplay while having fun. We are in no rush to get things fast as this is a grinding game, but we try our best to do things fast : )

The 1 rule in the guild is mainly for lvl50's and leaders which involves helping out a lower levels with at least 1+ activity they would like to do each day.
This of course can be done by anyone else who wants to do this too because it is pretty fun. This produces fun gameplay and a more active social side to the guild.
This process is to create less frustration for lower level players who can not join in on the lvl 50 activities.

Adding Members and guild size:

In the guild Me and other leaders like to have 2 or less low levels to every lvl50 or leader so that we are not spread too thin, this is so that we can help out all members easily.
Members are not added just to make our guild look bigger as we do not need to look big. We prefer to get to know our members and to have enjoyable times with them through teamwork and gameplay.
We do not accept PK'ers I am afraid due to our guild alliances, we do however like bounty hunting instead where we tend to overkill wanted players with a raid.
All members must be added by a guild leader and shown the ins and outs of the guild until they can become part of the freebie system in the guild.

Guild system:

Crafting and teamwork

Nearly each member in the guild has a craft tree each, We prefer people to choose a craft to even the load and to pick different tree's that they still enjoy levelling. (Only applies to players who are patron).
This makes individual members feel more useful in the guild, as I find being a asset feels nice, rather than being a moocher.
Crafting materials will usually be collected by members and passed onto members leveling there trees for free.

When I say free you may be thinking that is a bit crazy, basically materials that members don't use are passed onto people who need them.
Best way to explain this is - Our guild is one big player with tons of labor and comes with a pool of materials to use.

We have a Guild Bank and a Guild chest that is monitored by the guild leaders and members, which has quite a safe system to stop any bad play happening.

If you are not happy with something please let me or another leader know and we will gladly take you out of the freebie system, and may end up kicking you if you are not a team player or helpful e.g. Moocher. It does not matter if you do not play much every little bit helps. If you go over 16 days without mailing a leader to let him know why you are off e.g. Holiday, then you will be kicked. This is not permanent, we just like to keep the guild looking active.

The freebie system has worked tremendously well so far for everyone and has made the guild advance relatively fast and quite successful and fun.

Different leaders carry out different daily activities that players may join in on. e.g. trade runs, pvp practice, CP farming and dungeons along with other things.

Getting things done

Register on this Guild forum once you are a guild member, as we are not on at all times of day, so the site is useful for posting on for help with something.
We have sections where you can write down requests for freebies e.g. Thunderstruck trees if they are in stock pool.
Requests can sometimes take 1-2 days or less to be organised due to other requests.

Guild Communication

For Private Teamspeak server details please contact Either Godly, Rumiho, Liano, Meikaruku, Quivera, Kharvys as we have it written down.

Try to keep up to date with guild page (Forum) maybe once every 1-3 days as I know many people are very busy with there schedules and work.

I hope this is not overwhelming, as this is a very fun and easy guild to join which is filled with fun, friendly and skilled players.

Main language used is english, we accept players from different countries and cultures too : ) But you may at a slight disadvantage if your English is not very good.

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