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Obsidian weapons (Diamond Shores) - 10th march 2015 - Guild activity

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Obsidian weapons will be released. (Obsidian weapons are more powerful than Delphinad and Hasla weapons but are less powerful than anyad weapons, they have the same sort of tier system as Hasla weapons, the weapons I believe are also tradeable).

Guild activity on 10th march, everyone lvl50 please attend this, will be teleporting between 7.30-8pm uk time from Oxian clan to calmlands to save hereafter stones and then will make our way to diamond shores. We will go as a guild raid as there will be many other guilds there, so need a big group to fight for a spot most likely. Anyone lower than level 50 is more than welcome to come as the area is not a PVP zone.

Please make sure you are on and at Oxian clan before 8pm for a free ride as there will be no waiting around for members after 8pm UK time.

Anyone wanting to go before hand is fine, but save it as a recall and Teleport us all there instead of me, this will be the official guild raid for learning about obsidian weapons and getting the first tier on the 10th of march. Please try to get a salvaged illustrious weapon of your choice ready for next week, ask guild members to craft or even buy them if you have the gold.

Obsidian weapons come in all forms.

Also please focus on getting galleons as you need a particular drop from the Kraken later at some point to upgrade your obsidian weapon.

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Best obsidian weapons based on player opinions and forums:

Archery - Obsidian Dagger x 2, Obsidian bow

Healers - Obsidian Spear

Mages - Obsidian Katana / Obsidian Scepter
(Staff is not worth it apparently said on few times on forums, do not know why)

Battlerage - Obsidian Greatsword

Obsidian Shield is OP (Phy Defence passive)

Obsidian Flute (Phy Def) or lute (Mag Def)

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