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Archeage guild on (EU) Nui server - Haranya Faction. Guild Name - 'Conspiracy Theory'. We aim to be fun, to be active and to play efficiently.

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Fight Club Guide

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1 Fight Club Guide on Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:57 pm


Do you like to PVP or just let off steam, maybe test out a build or even bet Gold, Well then this may be your kind of scene.

Bringing a all new event every two weeks starting in april for everyone to enjoy for a bit of light hearted fun, this includes outside players who are not part of the guild. Fights may include enemy faction too, we will have to wait and see.

The event will always start off in Ynystere, Caenord Theatre. Event times and dates are advertised on the Nui forum for this.

Events will not always contain the same events shown in this list.

Check Fight Club post for the event locations.

More fight categories will be added if needed, to make fights more entertaining and as fun as possible.
There are a few simple rules set in place to make the fights as fair as can be.

Players at lvl55 that are fighting lvl54 or lower may not use lvl55 skills, if a lvl55 skill is used then it will count as a instant lose. Unless your opponent is fine with you using your lvl55 skill.

No item usage etc allowed. Any current item buffs will have to be waited out till you can fight.

Saturday Fight's:

Singles - lvl46-55

1v1 - Explains itself

Singles - Underdogs - lvl25 - lvl45

This section will include levels lower than normal to allow for all levels to participate in the fun atmosphere.
I will match up players with levels close to each other for these players to fight evenly
As I have had a few low level players ask if they can participate.

Doubles - lvl46-55

1v1 Each fighter chooses a player before hand as there +1 to heal or enhance them during fight.
(Meditate & Play dead cannot be used by +1 player, Infuse skill can be used however)

Dice Warrior's - lvl46-55(I would become a Archemaster before entering this 1v1)

5 minutes before a match - Godly will roll numbers between 1-10 three times on twitch, the skilltree numbers will be sent to you by /whisper if you are not watching (Each number equals a skilltree, if your unlucky you might only get 2 skilltrees to use. If you get 1 skilltree to use, then a re-roll will occur)

Tankster - lvl46-55

Tank + Healer vs. player

Easy to understand, and quite entertaining:

1 tank with 1 healer vs. 1 player with any means to damage.

When I say any means, this means anything you can even bring out a Trebuchet.

1 minute 30 seconds to survive. If you survive the player damaging loses.

Sunday Fight's

League - lvl46-55 (will be updated)

Free for ALL - lvl46-55

It's in the name: The last man standing wins.
You can use and do anything to win within the match, but no help from players that are not in the match obviously.

16 players and 1 winner.

5v5 Guild fights - lvl46-55

Knock each other out of the tournament. Involves any faction and fighting is done through PK'ing in specified area.
Each team puts in 10G into a pot, overall winning team takes the pot at the end.

Fancy being able to actually play with a team that you have organised and like, well here's your chance.

Unlike Arena 5v5 your team wont be split up.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, don't be the fun spoiler who says 'meh, i am under-geared, what's the point'.

Win a match by killing opposite team twice.

Tug of War - lvl46-55

Faction vs. Faction

Involves one ship, two chosen teams (1 from each faction) and co-operative gameplay along with good strategy, so choose your raid general wisely.

16 vs. 16

Each Faction team battle's it out to get a Eznian Warship to there island. Each team can use boats, shoot harpoons etc.
If Eznian Warship gets destroyed, both teams will lose and get -2 points on each players rankings.
If someone changes there boats name to the name of main ship, that team will get a instant lose and -2 on each players ranking.
(Crows nest is out of bounds on Eznian Warship)
First team to get the tug of war ship onto there islands beach wins.
Referee will be positioned in the crows nest and will be streaming the battle for domination.
Eznian Ship Name: Rope

As you can see some categories are not your normal pvp e.g. Dice warriors - Skilltrees are based off random dice rolls based off a random generator site (Will not always get 3 trees to use)

Different environments will be used for different stages of tournament that may or may not give you advantages and disadvantages.


All bets are done before fights. Give gold to a involved Conspiracy Theory member if you do not trust a player you do not know to pay up (This includes both betting members).
No Gold exchanges during fights, bet equal amounts.
Winnings are given after fight's. Involved Conspiracy theory members will hand out the gold.

Pk'ing / Killing:

No Pk'ing or bounty killing. No enemy faction kills during event except by fighters from opposite factions involved in fight.
Pk'ers will be disposed of on the spot by 20 nominated players who are placed around for maximum crowd control and damage at specified locations.
Pk'ers will be banned from event and placed on banned list until further notice.
Once Pk'er is known by rest of involved players in event, then everyone is free to kill that player to there hearts content to stop him intruding on the event if he comes back.
If a fighter is PK'd during a fight, the fight will be cancelled and Pk'er will be banned, all gold is returned.
Nominated players can still bet.

Lots of things to consider, but hopefully will be fun and run quite smoothly, and might even become a big thing on the server.

Dice warrior number generator - http://jawjahboy.com/games/number-generators/

These events will be streamed: http://www.twitch.tv/alexdixon3d (Not decided, but this will most likely be used to stream)

Does this sound pretty fun?

Any questions or thoughts, leave a comment below

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2 Re: Fight Club Guide on Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:58 pm

What is the minimum lvl to join?

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3 Answer to Troian on Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:53 pm


Troian I have added new category feature called Underdogs, if you are lvl25 then you may get into the matches : )

So if you need to level, let me know and I will help you.
Hope to see you soon mate, haven't seen you for a while.

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4 Re: Fight Club Guide on Tue Mar 31, 2015 7:17 pm


Take into account water environments, enclosed environments and massive spread environments, as a lot of pvp terrain type will be covered, e.g. if you drown in a fight, we will have players with revive on standby for all events just in case.

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5 Re: Fight Club Guide on Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:03 am


New categories will be placed here when players mention new and creative idea's.
As some have suggested interesting types of races.

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