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Archeage guild on (EU) Nui server - Haranya Faction. Guild Name - 'Conspiracy Theory'. We aim to be fun, to be active and to play efficiently.

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Very important - April 10th+, 2015(New guild schedule for now)

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1. Fishing Runs (Random, organised by Calene) - Basically Pirating turned out a bit boring, so this will be alternative for making gold.
Players buy mats needed for players fishing.
Fish are spread out evenly to each member.
Handed in at freedlick Island, everyone welcome

2. Dungeon Palace cellar, Mahadevi. Lvl 18+ (Daily)
(Estimated time 10-35 mins each)
3 x runs a day to help level and gear new players.

3. Dungeon Hadir Farm, Ynystere or Burnt Castle, Hellswamp. Lvl 31+ (Daily)
(Estimated time 15-45 mins each, thats if we have time to do more than just one run each)
3 x runs a day to help level and gear new players.

4. Library / Auroria farming (Daily)
Please help do dungeon runs before starting these if needed.

5. Gilda star run 5+ (Help out Nicco and mieka etc., this is done for guild gilda Star designs to get things for members)
(Long runs, lots of packs)

6. Dungeon GHA (Ask Godly for a run in-game, and i will get something sorted)
Experienced players please to help fresh level 50's, as many are leveling to lvl55 and don't want to lose exp.
If I am about to die I will play dead to stop me losing exp.

Told you guys this could work this way XD - guess we didnt try this method hard enough:
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Will most likely be doing Hanure, Freedlick, Harrod bosses tonight if they are spawned and they will be searched and checked on to see if we can kill in this order.

Harrod will be done tonight if members that have asked me who want to catch it are ready for tonight, and if our raid is big enough so that it is a enjoyable event again : )

Harrod Players that have asked to catch him: Quivera, Liano

Freedlick Boss, seeing if it can be caught: Godly

Hanure Boss, Pascal will be getting the first pet drop due, due to his help of providing potions for these fights so far. From there on we will be sorting out a pet drop order for players to get it.

(Hanure boss will be done daily for different members to get the pet if possible and we can afford potions, players who are in guild events regularly will get priority for this pet, along with boss catches and other sorts of things etc.)

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3 Ironclad and farming Auroria on Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:10 am


Did really well Yesterday against Freedlich boss, shame we failed but looks like we need more dps and Mana potions as the main problem was Mana usage as it turns out once we got into the swing of things.

For Hanure we will need to get siege weapons from observing Honor among thieves guild. I have started farming catapult tokens from token bosses and have 3 out of 33 tokens for making the fire ironclad. If anyone would like to join me on this you are more than welcome as there are 19 bosses to do daily (I do not do this everyday currently as i am farming Auroria calmland to get cape for me and to help members with dragon wings too).

If you are over lvl50 you cannot get design drops from lvl35 creatures.

For auroria I am looking for AOE killers to farm with me as we are not this powerful yet:
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Guild event will be at 9pm GMT deciding on a boss for someone to catch.

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