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Archeage guild on (EU) Nui server - Haranya Faction. Guild Name - 'Conspiracy Theory'. We aim to be fun, to be active and to play efficiently.

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27th April - 27th May - Guild challenge - making Ironclad's - aim is to do it within 32 days.

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Had a Discussion With members Last night with members online and we came up with a plan... Iron Clad's. We we can do it.

Archeage version of a tank.

Ironclad video example of what it can do: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Max damage I see is 5k + 4k as it hits twice - 1 for impact and 2 for explosion = 9-10k with each shot when adding up the total.

These hardcore machines do massive damage and we need these for the guild to progress and to open up new guild activities like Hanure and to cruise smooth;y when fighting Harrod etc.

Some of the positive things that come from getting these is fighting bosses will be a lot easier, as these do serious damage.

We have made plan so that each member involved will get a Iron clad within 30 days by the guild working together and aiming for this goal.

Leaders are expected to get these if that is not asking too much of you guys.
Particular members may need help with gold issues etc. and so members including me have volunteered to help as much as we can for those members, e.g. players who need gold for there free patron passes.

Guild members who want these cool siege weapons will be required to do both Grimghast and Crimson rift dailies. This is to get 30k honor within 32 days.

Members who are involved will need to get the items listed below, but we will all work as a team, so please do not think 'ahh this is impossible', all we need is co-operation to get these very expensive materials.

This should not take up much of your time daily, rifts added together probably take about 30 minutes of your time daily.
Crimson Rift - 12pm Game Time, Ynystere
Grimghast Rift - 12am Game time, Ynystere

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

For more information, chat too:

Mysteria (Currently working out best methods for acquiring materials with most ease) He is very good at this : )

These leaders will be currently running this, other leaders in the guild please participate, all members are welcome to aim for a Ironcladi, just chat to one of the leaders above.

We aim to plant 1k trees every 3 days by getting members to plant 40+ trees each in hidden locations around the world map. Will cost 8G+ every 3 days to buy trees (pines).

Other materials being gathered for example is mysterious garden powder, I usually get around 3-5 of these a day, other members are helping in different area's to gather the materials, join in and look forward to the end results of your efforts by participating.

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Due to update happening soon, do not plant trees yet.

Today we will be gathering the below materials needed:

Flaming Logs - Calmlands - burning forest
Copper Ingots
Iron Ingots

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Aim for Ironclad Mats today is:

14 x silver

After getting this first lot of silver, have a look into the best option for you getting sturdy ingots.

So either mine, Or buy them.

Sturdy ingots are also only 3-6G currently each on AH (Very cheap),I managed to buy 2 last night for 6.50G Smile and another 10 for around 39G

So keep a look out for mats on AH when you can to see if someone is selling mats for stupidly cheap.

Find a member in guild with a Auroria farm and see if you can grow some archeum tree's + buy archeum trees from a merchant ready to plant after patch, they do not cost much Gilda stars each.

Currently I am growing Archeum trees for Rumiho in calmlands. 4 x Archeum trees should do the trick for the wheels.

I will try to provide as much mysterious garden powder as i can over the next 30 days. Already have enough for three players currently (already have mine due to stocking these in warehouse), so I will keep collecting. Please get some yourself too if you can, as there prices vary a lot on AH 4-11g is the price range I see with these a lot. Or find another way to obtain. Do not buy anything at weekends though as prices get increased a lot.

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