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Archeage guild on (EU) Nui server - Haranya Faction. Guild Name - 'Conspiracy Theory'. We aim to be fun, to be active and to play efficiently.

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15/12/2014 and continued until below is achieved

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Dungeon runs for different levels of players to help them gain nice gear and titles, plus Gilda stars for players who do not need gear:

1. Guild Gilda run - I will be running these (Saves us all hereafter stones if we take it in turns daily)

2. Trade runs - Help each other speed up your trade runs to get more gold and spend some time helping others when you have nothing to do : )

3. If a patron please try to craft at least 500+ labour points a day into craft trees if possible. (I currently do 2k+ a day, it also levels you and your skill trees really fast).

4. Current daily Dungeons:

- Palace Cellar Dungeon, Mahadevi lvl 18+
- Hadir Farm, Ynystere lvl 30+
- GHA lvl50+ (Currently cannot be done until we have a full guild team of lvl 50's with at least arcane Hadir farm gear or rare Conquer's crafted gear equipped)

5. World boss pet catching will start when we have a team of 5+ GHA geared or conquer+ geared lvl 50's to ensure world boss catching goes smoothly.

Above will be continued until all Members have achieved titles and got the gear they need to survive next higher level dungeons.

*For extra activity requests please post it as a different post on here and put title:
*Request - date
*(must leave at least 2 days for request to be done due to other requests in case it requires quite a few members to help with it)

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