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Archeage guild on (EU) Nui server - Haranya Faction. Guild Name - 'Conspiracy Theory'. We aim to be fun, to be active and to play efficiently.

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Our Navy has started - Guild event 14-15th march

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Rumi (One of trade leaders) and Me have been discussing about seriously building the guilds navy, and have made simple plan.

It Will involve players with merchant ships, galleons and of course most of the guild as a raid with each raid group leader being in Teamspeak to communicate.

This might turn into a recurring event at weekends depending on how fun this turns out. As our guild is now getting bigger now and so we should be promoting our guild a bit more too. Concerning our navy, we are currently halfway to what we aimed for when we started this guild which is 20+ galleons so we can own the sea.

We currently have 10 galleons I believe, I personally would like to have every member with a galleon which can then be followed by getting other ships if so desired.

20+ galleons means we will also have the second biggest navy or just the biggest navy 30+ will mean we have the biggest navy on faction.

On 14th and 15th of march starts at 1pm, GMT on both days, please chat to me in guild so we can discuss where to put all our packs ready for this event.

Need to test out something with healers AOE stealth on 12th March 8pm, GMT for a few minutes that might give us a very good advantage if it works.

We will be making a mass guild Raid for trading, and I will ask every member to stop what they are doing and to join in on the fun, I will leave a 20 minute gap before we start in case trades or dungeons are being done by anyone.

Please can each member help out another member in at least one of the runs before they leave the raid, it would be helpful if you can see this guild event through to the end.

There will be lots of killing, when players catch onto what we are doing, so I don't think we will get bored, members can leave the raid when they like. (I recommend stealth and AOE stealth so we can gank or secretly get 20+ players in at once.

Players please make your Gilda star packs in advance for this. If you do not manage to make any, please help your fellow members with there trades to Freedich as there will most likely be a lot of pvp when we get caught on a enemy ship radar with our 10x galleons and 3x merchant ships.

Ask Rumiho, Nicco, Meikaruku for the cheapest packs to make as they do this run occaisonally solo. Also check with them how much labour you may need for the run depending on the amount of packs you have.

Might be inviting Gaminghouse and Discordia guild we are sorting out how it will work, Believe they want to do trades too and this will also make a bigger raid, means we fill our galleons with more players.

Don't forget to keep doing your daily rifts so we can all get fast mounts and siege weapons.

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